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Chamseddine Barki has won the ASTRA 2023 title, Outstanding researcher award in Biophysics, Medical Physics and Radiology

Dr. Chamseddine Barki has won the “Asia’s Outstanding Researcher Award” title of ASTRA 2023 in Biophysics, Clinical Oncology and Medical Informatics

Dr. Chamseddine Barki is a Tunisian Medical Researcher, a Senior Medical Consultant for Health information systems and Medical Interoperability Management. He is also a Lecturer and a Senior Research Assistant of High medical and biomedical studies at the University of Tunis El Manar (The Higher Institute of Medical Technologies of Tunis – The Faculty of Medicine of Tunis) and the International University of Tunis (International Polytechnic School).He took part of the foundation of the medical informatics and telemedicine studies in Tunisia. Since 2016, he has been teaching Biophysics, Medical informatics, clinical decision support systems, medical data management, web semantics, health information systems and artificial intelligence in Medicine. He is a Doctor in Biophysics, Radiology and Oncology. 

He holds an MS and a PhD in Biophysics and Medical Signals, Radiation physics/Medical Imaging and an MS in Biomedical Engineering. He is an alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis and the higher Institute of Medical Technologies of Tunis. Since 2019, he has been working on health information systems and hospitals in France within Synodis. He has been involved in processes of continuous improvement of the healthcare interoperability. His activities were focused on the accompaniment and the management of projects about health information flows and clinical pathways with a supervision of healthcare services. He participated in coaching and mentoring the health informatics center team of the public health ministry of Tunisia and took part of the organizing team in different scientific events like Hacking Diabetes, JITM and E-Health Challenge. Among the most important healthcare groups he worked with, we find CAPIO, RGDS, ELSAN and GHT-Aisne-Nord-Haute-Somme. Additionally, he is a member of the research team at the Laboratory of Biophysics and Medical Technologies (LRBTM) based in the Higher Institute of Medical Technologies of Tunis (University of Tunis El Manar). He is an ITIL certified professional in managing Health Information Systems and Medical IT services. He belongs to the reputable International Union of Academics (IUA) and he is an active member since 2021. He is also a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology working on the best practices in clinical oncology research and academic and community practice.

Dr. Chamseddine Barki has been conducting research for nine years (2014) and he received numerous international honors, including those from the ICAT, IEEE, HCIST, IDMT, CancerSciRes and WASET. In 2022, his doctoral thesis was qualified as an outstanding thesis with the highest quality of the HIMTT, discussing the subject of an evidence-based-Medicine approach for the prediction of risks and effects in oncotherapy: Case of bladder cancer. He has authored and participated in numerous international publications within reputable journals and proceedings that have undergone peer review. He reviewed much research works under Springer (IEEE). He has more than 10 international conferences. He is now more involved in oncology, medical informatics, radiation protection and clinical health disorder research. He supervised and led different scientific projects like the continuity of care in chronic diseases monitoring: type II Diabetes, the decision support for the diagnosis and therapy of Myocardial Infarction, gynecological prescription support, triage and emergency assessment and biomedical maintenance management. He is a dedicated, creative, and emerging scientist in the field of Biophysics, Clinical Oncology and Medical Informatics, and he is honored to receive the “Outstanding Researcher Award” from Asia Research Awards.

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