Dr Ankita Ghatak,PhD in Science from CSIR-Cental Glass and Ceramic Research Institute,West Bengal, India, is a Material scientist. Her field of expertise includes structure property co-relation of materials based on the Transmission electron microscopy and Xray photoelectron spectroscopy studies. After completion of her PhD work she has joined Centre For Nano Science and Nanotechnology, under University of Calcutta as a Research Associate
where she worked on quantum dots for optical transmission and imaging applications. She then joined S.N.Bose National Centre For Basic Sciences under Department of Science and Technology and spend there about 8 years working in different scientific positions like National Postdoctoral Fellow and Project Scientist-D. She has worked as Research Scientist in both DST and CSIR labs in INDIA. During her days in S.N.Bose National Centre For Basic Sciences she has worked in the group of renowned Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Fellow Prof A.K.Raychaudhuri. In his group she develop her skills on Focussed Ion Beam for industrial applications like failure detection in Integrated Chips. She has also worked in the DST, Technical Research Centre in S.N Bose as a Project Scientist-D. In her research career she has published more than 30 research papers in SCI journals with high impact factor. She has also trained several manpowers in the field of nanoscience and
nanotechnology. She has been granted two Indian patents on ferroelectric nanowire synthesis and restructuring ferroelectric thin films for industrial applications. Her recent research
interest is on application of ferroelectric tunnel junctions in synaptic materials.
In her research career she has received many awards with two prestigious fellowships one of which is from CSIR (CSIR-SRF) and one from DST-SERB (National Post Doctoral Fellow).
She attended and presented her work in more than 40 national and International conferences. She has been invited for presenting her work in Advanced Materials Conference twice held in
Scotland (2017) and Switzerland (2018). Her work is appreciated and cited in different parts of the world that brought her several collaborations from renowned Institutes in India as well as abroad.