Profile Biography
Dr. Jyothi K. L., Assistant Professor and PG Coordinator, Department of Physics, working at GFGC & PG Centre – Chintamani 563125, Karnataka, India has won Asia’s Science, Technology and Research Awards 2023 (ASTRA-2023) under Asia’s Outstanding Researcher Award for her excellence in the research article entitled; “Structural elucidation, theoretical insights and thermal properties of three novel multicomponent molecular forms of gallic acid with hydroxypyridines”.
Dr. Jyothi K. L. with M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed., M.Phil., and Ph.D degrees has 23 years of teaching and 09 years of research experience. She got Ph.D degree from the University of Mysore with “Structural studies of some pharmaceutically important multicomponent crystals” as the thesis title under the guidance of, Prof. Lokanath N. K., present Vice Chancellor, Department of Studies in Physics, University of Mysore, Mysore. Her areas of research interest are; Chemical crystallography, Structural studies of pharmaceutically important multicomponent crystals, Density functional theory calculations, Hirshfeld surface analysis, Interaction energies and 3D energy frameworks.
She is an expert in; preparing multicomponent compounds of pharmaceutically important compounds using solid-state grinding method, growing single crystals by various methods, solving and refining crystal structure using SHELX and OLEX2 softwares, operating PAN analytical powder X-ray diffractometer and PerkinElmer FTIR spectrometer instruments. She is also expertise in using softwares such as; X’pert Highscore plus, ChemDraw, CrystalExplorer, MERCURY, PLATON, GAUSSIAN-16 and GAUSSVIEW. She has proficiency in computer skills like; MS-Word, MS-excel, PowerPoint, LATEX, XM-GRACE etc., and can also accustom to use SciFinder and CSD databases for literature search and internet applications.

She has published 06 research papers in international peer-reviewed journals and has presented (both oral and poster) her research work at many national and international conferences. she has presented her research work at the 24th Congress and General Assembly of International Union of Crystallography, Hyderabad, India. Dr. Jyothi K. L. got a travel grant of Rs. 1,03,250.00 from UGC-New Delhi, to participate and present her research work at the 16th Conference of the Asian Crystallographic Association organized at the National University of Singapore, Singapore from 16th – 20th Dec 2019. She has attended more than 60 national and international conferences and has successfully completed 08 online certification courses which are initiated by seven Indian Institutes of Technology of India.
She has guided seven M.Sc. physics projects and also delivered special talks in many pre-university and undergraduate colleges. Dr. Jyothi K. L. has got two summer research fellowships sponsored by the three National Science Academies (INSA-New Delhi, IAS-Bengaluru, and NASI-Allahabad) of India through which she got an opportunity to work with Prof. T. N. Gururow and Prof. S. Yashonath, Solid State Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangaluru.
Presently as an Assistant Professor of Physics, she is teaching both UG and PG Physics students and helping them to understand the concepts of Physics. Also, as an Organizing Secretary of the College Science Association, she is organizing various science activities like special talks, science promotion activities at rural Government High Schools, competitions, seminars, exhibitions, and other events in the college. She also motivates and guides students to participate in university and state-level competitions