Dr Veena Ravindran K, Graduated from University of Calicut, Kerala, India, obtained Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India.  She worked as Research Associate in the project sponsored by Garnett and McKeen laboratory, Bohemia, New York. She was also a recipient of ICMR SRF fellowship.

Dr. Veena started her carrier as Analytical Biochemist in Sahyadri Biolabs Pvt.Ltd., Kerala, India. Then she was promoted as Senior Executive of Research and Development Department and now hold the position of technical manager at Sahyadri Biolabs Pvt. Ltd.        

Dr. Veena carries with her over 10 years of research experience on natural products. Her main area of research are mushroom metabolites, medicinal mushrooms, bioactive isolation and their pharmacological activities, hair growth promotion product development etc. She has published over 10 research papers in peer reviewed international journals and 1 book.

DR Veena is currently working on hair growth promoting activity of natural products and product development. Dr. Veena received Travel Award : XV Annual meeting of the Society of Free Radical Research (SFRR)  –  Mumbai , India ,  January 2017  and Fr.Gabriel Golden Jubilee Memorial Award for the best research publications from Amala Cancer Research Centre , Thrissur during the year 2018.