Dr.Barnali Ghosh (Saha) is working as a Scientist, (Professor-grade) in Research Institute. She
has done Master of Science (M.Sc.)in Physics and received Ph.D. Degree is Science ( Physics)
discipline in the year 1998. Her research interests cover a broad canvas of problems in condensed
matter and materials physics. She is an active researcher for more than 30 years in the area of
Experimental Condensed Matter, Materials Physics, Nano Science, Nanotechnology.
She is guiding number (10) of Ph. D students and mentoring Research Associates/Post doctoral
fellow and Young scientists more than 10 numbers ). She has also trained several master students
( 15 no), project students ( 12 no) and project assistants( 10 no) and taking part in teaching and
various academic activities like arranging conferences/workshops and meetings, also
attending/delivering invited talks held in the country and abroad. She and her group have filed 7
patents of their innovations, 3 granted patents and published 65 papers in reputed SCI and
SCIE/Scopus indexed peer reviewed international journals.
She also works as an activity leader and principle Investigator in establishing an application
inspired innovation and technology with a good impact in society, health care and food care
sector and environment protection through innovative emerging materials engineering and
devices. She has developed detectors/sensors in the area of radiation detection, gas sensing as
well as portable power generation system, commercialization of the products under process and
received granted patents.Involved in several outreach activities for school/college students.
She has organized/convenor of 10 National/International conferences/ workshops/seminers.
Delivered 40 invited lectures in National /International Conferences. She has number of
Collaborative activities ((Joint publication/Project)forresearch with Scientists both India and
Abroad. 24 No. of Editorial Appointments in Journals/Conferences as (Editor, Reviewer and
Member).She also received extramural Funding from Govt. of India both as PI and Co-PI to
develop her research work. She received Awards in Woman Scientist programme in 2003 and
2008 from the “Department of Science and Technology, Government of India”. She also
received several National /International recognitions/awards for her Research papers and
presentations to her credit.Her current research is on Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
and Materials Sciences, Nano science and Nanotechnology, which mainly focuses on
nanomaterials that include nanofabrication using nanolithography techniques, such as use of
electron-beam and ion-beam lithography for fabrication of single nanowires based devices with
specific applications in Opto-electronics and gas sensing areas. In addition, she also works in the
area of thin film oxide/ halides physics and devices.
She along with her research group while focusing on basic Physics, is also exploring application
oriented and technology driven work to step forward from research Lab to Industry. Member of
several Professional Bodies like, member of American Chemical Society(ACS,) also life
member of Indian Physics Association and Indian association for the cultivation of Science.She
has major contribution as head of the department of Technical Research facility program and as
Scientist in-charge in maintaining 30 no of Central equipments common facility sophisticated
instruments and Involved in purchase/installation/ up-gradation / maintenance/manpower
management and running of all sophisticated Central facility equipments( 30 nos).
She is also responsible for proper Utilization of facilities ( internal/external users).She has
received 15 grants for performing crystallographic and magnetic structural study and
experiments in India and abroad using Synchrotron and Neutron beam line facilities.And
worked as Scientist in Institut Laue–Langevin (ILL)Granoble France, Photon Factory, KEK,
TsukubaJapan, Heinz Maier- Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ) Munich, Germany etc. She also visited 12
countries for study, collaborative research and on invitation.