Cyprus International university 2017-2022
Research assistant
Worked with the research center/international office on research and international students affairs
Worked closely with the vice rector on sustainability projects and establishment of women centre .
Collaborated jointly with the international office on international students recruitment and retention strategies.
Initiated ideas and contributed immensely towards on campus job creation and students involvement in school policy process.
played a key role in organizing smooth campus electoral processes and leadership selection procedures.
Played an advisory role for different campus societies in ensuring peace and tranquility among students and societies.
Organized several cultural and intercultural events with the aim to foster tolerance and peaceful coexistence among our vastly diverse students from over 112 different countries.

Science and Arts Specialist College, Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. 2012 -2015
English and French Language teacher
Teaching both languages across elementary and high school levels
Assessment of students academic and moral records on a termly and annual basis
Prepared students for common entrance and high school certificate examinations respectively.
Prepared selected students for regional and national level competitions.


Ifeoma Prisca Onyenegecha “Culture And Media Inclusion In Awareness Campaigns Of Breast Cancer Care” (PhD dissertation)
Edmund Ntom Udemba, Ifeoma Onyenegecha, Godwin Olasehinde-Williams “Institutional Transformation as An Effective Tool for Reducing Corruption and Enhancing Economic Growth: A Panel Study of West African Countries”
IP Onyenegecha, H Secim, E Akun “The Effectiveness of Media Inclusiveness on The Breast Cancer Care Awareness Campaign: Evidence from North Cyprus”
S Gambo, I Onyenegecha “Survey on Use of Language on social media: English Versus Turkish in North Cyprus”
Agyekum, E. B., Ampah, J. D., Uhunamure, S. E., Shale, K., Onyenegecha, I. P., & Velkin, V. I. “Can Africa Serve Europe with Hydrogen Energy from Its Renewables?—Assessing the Economics of Shipping Hydrogen and Hydrogen Carriers to Europe from Different Parts of the Continent.”

 Ip Onyenegecha, Andrew Alola “Exploring vaccine hesitancy prevalence using media perception during Corona virus pandemic period. – A systematic review”
 IP Onyenegecha, H Secim, E Akun “Media and Cultural Evaluation on Awareness of Breast Cancer in A Mediterranean Island”
 IP Onyenegecha, EN Adigwe “The Role of Media in The Challenges and Credibility of Health Information Sourcing for Cancer Awareness” (under review)

 National Conference on Health communication, marketing and media NCHCMM
 “Dynamics and information seeking behaviors among American adults living with cancer. An analysis of hints data 2021”
 “Media inclusiveness for persuasive health communication: an intervention approach against breast cancer”
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 Using social media for public health communications 2022
 The power of paid media to help change health behaviors 2022
 COVID-19 Communications: What we know and where we need to Go 2022
 Health communication momentum: How do we accelerate? 2023
 Centering Equity in Health Communication Design and Delivery 2023