T. Stanes & Co Ltd., won the ASTRA 2023 title, “Outstanding Researcher Award”<br /> Dr. R. Srinivasan & the team are working at T. Stanes & Company Limited, Coimbatore. He has a doctorate in the field of Microbiology from Bharathiar University. He is experienced in the field of Agricultural Microbiology and conferred with the Young Scientist Award for his work in the area of seaweed associated microbial biofertilizer. He has published 13 research papers in peer reviewed journals, presented 20 papers & was accorded with the Best paper award by the University of Madras. He started his career at the R & D Centre of T. Stanes and Company Limited, a 160+ year old company & a constituent of the Amalgamations Group.<br /> T. Stanes & Co Ltd., one of the leading manufacturing companies in Southern India, has always invested in research for developing processes; products & innovative solutions in the field of Agriculture to provide all types of Agri-inputs for a wide range of crops. The Research and Development Centre of T. Stanes & Co Ltd., is a recognized center by DSIR & certified compliant to ISO: 9001-2015 by BUREAU VERITAS, India. The R & D facility has been developing innovative technologies & products for its use in the field of Agriculture & Horticulture across India and overseas, since more than three decades. The R & D Centre is equipped with facilities essential for research work in different fields of specialization & supported by proficient scientific personnel in the development of novel range of products, while rendering innovative solutions in the field of Agro-Biologicals. Through their core research expertise in the field of biotechnology and fermentation technologies, the company has produced some of the leading product lines that includes disease/pest specific bio-control products; botanicals; biostimulants; biofertilizers; organic fertilizers; fermented organics, etc., exclusively for the crop protection/disease/water management & soil health segment & are certified organic by IMO, ECOCERT etc., The company’s pioneering effort in going green has been repeatedly recognized by the Government of India with awards and partnerships in research and development as well as appreciation from customers around the globe. The Company is conferred with the “Indian National Award” in 1994 for best R&D research on Neem and won the “Indian National Productivity award” for Bio-fertilizer production during 1994, 1996 & 1997.<br /> This research work with the team members (Dr. K. Latha, Mr. K. Sengali Ragunath, Dr. S. Radheshkrishnan, Dr. R. Lakshmi naryanan, Dr. C. Brindha, Dr. K. Keerthana ponni, Dr. N. Prabhakaran, Dr. V. Karuppaih, Mr. G. Balaji, Mrs. M. Gracy, Mr. P. Sivakumar, Mr. E. Sangeeth, Mr. R. Gokulakrishnan, Mr. P. Praveen kumar, Ms. M. Maheshwari, Mr. Madhu, Mr. Jawahar, and Mr. Kanakaraj) paved way for the development of a novel multi-potent microbial biostimulant product with the brand name “5MIN”, which is an eco-friendly organic product. The inventive process & formulation technology has been granted patent (Patent No: 412132) during Nov, 2022 by the Government of India. The research work & its application in the field of Agriculture has been published in International journals that include the Whole Genome Sequencing of the novel strain. This microbial biostimulant (5MIN), for its application as an Agri-input, has been validated & reported by the Agricultural Universities as an effective biological method for improving the growth and yield of crops with reduced application of chemical fertilizers upto 20-30%. It has been reported by the Universities, that it is a cost effective microbial product for the farmers, for increasing the unit productivity & net returns.<br /> This research group at T. Stanes is actively involved in the field of Agro-biologicals and indebted to the Company for the encouragement, support & thrust given for quality research & technology development.