I Dr. Saritha Karre has won the title of ASTRA 2023 under Asia International Research Awards 2023 for “COVID-19-A Comprehensive Pathology Insight”</p> <p> I Dr. Saritha Karre completed my MBBS from Andhra Medical College, MD Pathology from KIMS Telangana, INDIA. Worked as Associate Professor in ESIC Medical College & Hospital, Presently I am working as Assistant Professor in Gandhi Medical College & Hospital. Completed Internal Auditor & Quality Management systems certificate course.(Foundation for quality (India). Published 17 papers (5 International and 12 National), Presented 4 oral presentation (3 Proferred paper ,1 Award paper) and 3 posters in state conference 1 poster Internationally. I completed Masters in Divinity that is accredited by the Asia Theological Association in 2018. I achieved National Award (Indian Solidarity Council)- Medical Excellence Award from Governor in 2018. International consortium for clinical research excellence, ethics and education declared me as subject expert in pathology in 2017.Oral presentation was given at International Cancer Conference in 2019 in London, United Kingdom. (Magnus Group Conference)