Dr. Mohamed Taha Osman Abdelraheem graduated from Omdurman Islamic University (Sudan), Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mining Engineering (Mineral Processing) in 2012. He was directly appointed as a teaching assistant at the same university. He obtained an internal scholarship to do master degree in the field of mineral processing in 2013. He worked in Ariab Mining Company as a gold process engineer in CIC gold plant. After one year he worked as a process engineer in Omdurman Mining Company in CIL gold plant. After completing his MSc degree, he has got a scholarship from the Turkish government to study a Ph.D. He got the Ph.D degree in the field of ore processing, specializing in hydrometallurgy from Konya Technical University. He has authored 5 international publications in reputable journals that have undergone peer review.Some significant latest publications include “Investigation of the effect of some polar organic solvents on the leaching and kinetics of chalcopyrite in hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid solution”, Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia, Vol. 37 (3), 2023. Recyanidation of Gold Heaps Tailing at Hassai Region in Red Sea State (Sudan), Journal of Mining Sciences, Vol. 58(4),2022.