Dr. Nabanita Cahtterjee has won the title of AIRA 2023 under “Asia's Best Researcher
Award” for excellence in, " Understanding the immunological aspects of SARS-CoV-2
causing COVID-19 pandemic: A therapeutic approach ".
Dr. Chatterjee boasts over a decade of research experience in the realm of cancer biology,
focusing particularly on onco-immunology and cancer metabolism. Since her Ph.D., she has
been deeply engaged in the study of cancer and related inflammatory processes. During her
doctoral research, she received various accolades, including research fellowships and young
scientist awards. Her post-doctoral training in Canada and the USA led to the identification of
innovative therapeutic strategies targeting cancer progression by addressing
inflammation.Her accomplishments include securing multiple travel grants globally and
obtaining the prestigious position of an eminent scientist under the Government of India in
2018. Ever since, she has made significant contributions to the field of cancer biology.
Currently, she supervises numerous research projects, both as a principal investigator and a
co-principal investigator, funded by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and other
governmental agencies.Dr. Chatterjee's extensive research is well-documented, with over 30
publications in esteemed international, peer-reviewed journals. Noteworthy contributions
during her doctoral training involved investigating the role of macrophages and tumor
metastasis in an inflammatory environment with external stimuli (Journal of Leukocyte
Biology; 2014). Moreover, her work on nanoparticles as inducers of apoptosis in cancer cells
(Chemical Communication; 2013) and drug delivery vehicles targeting liver cancer cells
(ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces; 2014) demonstrate her versatile
expertise.Additionally, she has delved into the effects of phytochemicals like bromelain on
leukemia cell growth (Toxicology in vitro; 2019). As a corresponding author, she has
published a review article in Clinical Immunology (IF:10.19) and a research article in
BioMed Research International (IF:3.2). Her recent publication in Molecular Immunology
(2022) explores the role of macrophages in phagosome maturation. Dr. Chatterjee is also a
specialist in screening drug activity in cancer cells and their impact on cell migration, as
evidenced by her publication in Nanoscale Advances (2022).Beyond her hands-on laboratory
work, Dr. Chatterjee actively participates in scholarly activities. She is a member of several
peer-reviewed international publishing houses and holds committee positions in organizations
like ISAC, AACR, and IIS. Her proficiency in Flow Cytometry is showcased through her
efforts in organizing various workshops on the subject. Dr. Chatterjee strives to set an
exemplary standard as a researcher, showcasing dedication, managerial prowess, and
profound knowledge in the field of cancer biology and inflammatory disorders. Her guidance
and innovative research ideas inspire aspiring researchers to delve into their investigations,
ultimately serving humanity through their contributions to science.