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Dr. Ramakrishna Rao Muthyala Bagged Outstanding Researcher Award in Geography

“It is human nature to protect our virtue and culture”

Teaching Experience:

 Subject knowledge of Geography, Regional Geography, Drifting knowledge, Ancient Geography etc.

Author Esperance: 1996 to 2019 

1.Sri Rama Ramayana: Telugu version 4 volumes, total pages 2702, Copyrights Indian Government copyrights.

Research Esperance: 2004 to 2019

2.Geography of Ramayana: (Indian Mythological and modern Scientific methods are interconnected) English Version 3 Volumes, total pages 1725, Copyrights Indian Government copyrights, and United States of America Government Copyrights.

When we read a scripture that whole scripture touches our heart and a single word cause thought in us. The idea of ​​finding the links to the word that gave rise to the research will lead you to research. As long as your research is relevant to the bibliography and to the scientific aspects, the effort you put into that book will last forever when it is useful to everyone. The scientific connection to mythological is the most difficult. It is very difficult to steer these two opposites in the same direction. The Geography of Ramayana that I have written belongs to the same category”.

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