She graduated from Erciyes University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Physics (1989).
She completed her master's (1991) and doctorate (1996) education in Erciyes University, Institute of
Science, Physics Education program. Between 1997-1998, he completed his post-doctoral studies at
Malaysia Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) School of Physics as a Post-Doctoral Fellow Researcher.
Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Specialist in Radiation
Oncology Department (1991-1997), Erciyes University Faculty of Science and Letters, Physics
Department, Specialist in Solid State Physics Department (1998-1999), Lecturer (1999-2001),
Assistant Professor (2001-2003), Associate Professor (2003-2008) and continues to work as a
professor (2008-…) in the same unit. She has been working as a Visiting Lecturer at Eskişehir
Technical University, Faculty of Science, Department of Physics since January 24, 2022. Under the
umbrella of Erciyes University; She held administrative positions such as faculty and institute board
She worked as a Visiting Professor at the Full-time Howard University U.S.A. (2011-2012). She
worked as a manager and assistant researcher in many national projects. Although she main field of
study and research is under the umbrella of Condensed Matter Physics, it can be listed as Structural,
Mechanical and Thermal Properties; Structure of Liquids and Solids; Crystallography; Natural
One hundred ninety seven (197) articles published in international journals scanned by SCI, SCI-EXP
and field indexes, nine (9) national articles scanned in Ulakbim TR Index, three (3) International Book
Chapter Authorships, full text presented at International and National Scientific Meetings and
Congresses and there are eighty (80) statements published in summary books. She has worked as an
assistant researcher in eight (8) of the Scientific Research Projects that I have successfully completed
so far, and as a manager in seven (7). Seven (7) master's and 1 (one) doctoral students have
graduated and one of my master's students is continuing their education. She has been an
academician who has been teaching associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral courses since
Science, Literature, Science-Literature, Language and History-Geography Faculties Curriculum
Evaluation and Accreditation Association (FEDEK) General Assembly Member, Erciyes University
Alumni Association Founding Member, Erciyes University Education Faculty Executive Board Member,
World Christolography Association Member, Turkish Physical Society She continues her duty as a
member of the Turkish Society of Christolography.