Dr. Reema Gupta is the young women researcher in the field of Material Science. She has been awarded with the doctorate degree in 2017 with the title of thesis as “ Development of Multi-component materials for energy harvesting and microwave resonator” from Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi, India. She is also working as Assistant Professor in Department of Physics, Hindu College, University of Delhi, India. She has in total 9 years of teaching experience. She has published around 40 publications in International refereed Journals in the field of energy harvesting and MEMS devices. She has also applied 3 patent in the field MEMS technology. She has been awarded with three best poster and paper presentation awards in the International conference held worldwide. Her research interests are in Fabrication of microwave resonator devices using PLZT and BST thin films, Energy harvesting using cantilevers and magneto-acoustic systems, PZT based magneto-electric systems, Ferroelectric based photovoltaic applications, Fabrication of surface acoustic wave devices and silicon cantilevers for biosensing and gas sensing, Fabrication of other MEMS devices like acoustic pressure sensors, and micro evaporators, and Lithium ion batteries.<br /> She has deposited PZT and BST thin films on various substrates and characterized them. She has developed dual piezoelectric thin film based energy harvesters which can harvest both magnetic energy and mechanical energy into induced voltage. For harvesting mechanical energy, micro cantilevers have been developed by her using MEMS technology. Apart from this, she is also working on coplanar waveguide based microwave resonator which has wide range of applications in satellite communication. She has also exploited PZT thin film for two wave mixing and beam amplification applications. She is also working on ferroelectric photovoltaic devices using PZT thin films. She is developing thin film based lithium ion batteries which can be integrated with energy harvesters for the establishment of wireless energy harvesters. She has published research papers in high repute journals like Applied Physics letters, Smart materials and Structures and energy harvesting journal. She developed Micro-heaters for evaporating gear lubricants in space vehicles in an Indian Space Research Organization sponsored research project. She is still actively involved in other activities going on in my research lab where scientist and research scholars from other institutes and defence laboratories come for their research work. She received a best poster award in International conference in Thapar University and Silver Prize for the innovative and artistic photo and illustration competition incorporating ferroelectric theme related to her work at ISAF/ECAPD/PFM, 2016 organized by IEEE-UFFC society, Germany. She has also visited Virginia Tech, USA in a student exchange programe for four months where she worked on magnetoelectric properties of PZT thin films and published two papers out of it. She has also visited many countries like US, China, Japan, Thailand, Switzerland, Singapore, and Germany to present her research work at international conferences.